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From the big D, Dallas, Texas; to the streets of Stockton, California; to the front lines of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Harvey H is the epitome of a real soldier. His music, a blend of street and reality rap, is a reflection of how far he has come, and how far his potential will take him.

Harvey H, aka Clinton Harvey Hendricks, started song-writing and performing in 2008 as a tool to help him get through the unspeakable things he witnessed and what he battled, both physically and mentally, while serving in the US Army.
After losing friends and family to gang violence and struggle, he joined the army, serving first in South Korea, then in Iraq after 9/11. Born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in Stockton, California, he now lives in Austin, Texas.
“My image is real, I don’t just tell people that, I show them, through my music. My music is for everyone because of everything I’ve been through. I know people can relate and I am ready for my story to be heard.” -HHP

Bio written by Tiffany Akins